Monitor your electricity use from your computer or smartphone.

energyhive lets you check your energy usage on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Once you've set up our service you can log onto and view your usage on-the-go.


What you need?

To use energyhive's energy management service you need a broadband modem with a free ethernet port, an energy monitoring clamp and transmitter and an energyhive hub. Currently our service works with CurrentCost and efergy energy monitoring clamps. A list of compatible equipment is available here. If you don't have a CurrentCost or efergy monitor clamp you can buy one from our online shop or elsewhere. Your electricity supplier may provide free electricity monitors to customers. Our energyhive hub is only sold here. The hub is what you connect to your broadband network to send your data to our system.
Yes you do, otherwise the service will not work. Important note: You must have one ethernet port available on your modem/router.
At the moment we support CurrentCost and efergy monitoring clamps – your energy supplier may have sent you a re-branded CurrentCost monitoring clamp. Please contact us to ask if your monitor and/or monitoring clamp will work with an energyhive hub.
Yes, you need to buy an energyhive hub which collects the data from your transmitter and sends it to our system.

Installation advice

If you haven't already done so, follow the instructions that came with your electricity monitor. If you do want to use the in-home display to give you information through the monitor (as well as energyhive), you need to set the monitor according to its instructions. Then connect your energyhive hub to your modem/router using the included ethernet cable. Connect the energyhive hub to power using the included power supply. In your web browser, go to and register for an account. A simple registration process will automatically pair your energyhive hub and your monitoring clamp.
To connect your data to energyhive, you need to connect the energyhive hub to your broadband modem/router. You do not need to have your computer on after the energyhive hub has been set up to send your data to energyhive. Full instructions on setting your equipment up will be shipped with your order.
The lights (LEDs) are illuminated as follows when reading from the data collector:
  • Green LED flashing steadily
  • Yellow LED flickering in sync with the ethernet port on my router
  • Red LED Power – On when power is supplied


System not working

The first thing to do is check the status of your transmitter and hub. Do this by selecting the Settings option and then 'Equipment status' from your username (top right).
Is your internet connection working? Check to see that other links on the site are working OK. If you are entering your usual password and username but can't login, please contact us.


My account

Select ‘Settings’ from the navigation under your user name (top right).
You just need to take your equipment with you and plug it all in. You don’t need to re-register. Obviously, if you move to a much bigger or smaller home / office you will see a significant change in your consumption data and history.
From the ‘Settings’ navigation under your user name select ‘Site settings’ and adjust your tariff data accordingly.
You may want to compare yourself to other people who live in similar households; this information allows us to group people together according to their home and household type.
This website has been designed to work on most devices however dedicated iPhone, iPad and Android apps will be available soon.


General information

energyhive takes the security of your data very seriously. We keep the data on secure servers that have no direct access from the internet. Your data is stored anonymously and the only information we have about you, the registered user, is the email address that you used to register and your post code.

Your email address is only used by us to alert you of specific energy usage events and of functional improvements to the energyhive service; it will never be disclosed to third parties without your express permission.

Your postcode is used to compare geographic energy usage with the prevailing climate conditions in that area. If your energy usage data is used for statistical analysis it is always anonymized.

Any purchase of equipment that you make on the Energyhive website IS NOT correlated with an energyhive account.

We are very happy to receive ideas on new functionality and how we can improve energyhive. Please contact us.
The charts and information displays are set to the timezone of the computer you are using. So, if you are three time zones away from home, you'll see your local timezone plus (or minus) three. If you want to see what is happening in you home's local time – just change the time settings on the computer you are using.

energyhive is a trading name of Hildebrand Technology Limited. Hildebrand Technology Limited is a company registered in England and Wales and its Company Number is 05577050