Monitor your electricity use from your computer or smartphone.

energyhive lets you check your energy usage on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Once you've set up our service you can download our iOS or Android monitoring apps so you can find out on-the-go.

Getting Started

Once you have bought the equipment you need, getting started with energyhive is straightforward.

The energyhive hub comes with installation instructions. Set-up should take approximately five minutes. You turn on the hub, connect it to your broadband modem/router and check that your electricity clamp is working. No need to go to the meter to check as the green light on the top of the hub will flash on approximately every six seconds if the clamp is transmitting successfully.

To start collecting your data, simply register for an account and our system should automatically recognise your energyhive hub.

Three simple steps to start monitoring your energy usage:

  1. Buy the kit
  2. Set it up: takes about 5 minutes
  3. On the site register your equipment and some profile information: takes about 5 minutes

energyhive is a trading name of Hildebrand Technology Limited. Hildebrand Technology Limited is a company registered in England and Wales and its Company Number is 05577050