Developers: use your data to make your own apps.

If you are a developer, or just someone who has the technical skills, you can access your data through our APIs. Either manage your own data or develop apps to sell to our customers.

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Partner with us

We partner with a range of organisations to:

  • Provide access to the service through our API's which allow partners to present their customers' data as they like. Utility clients have taken advantage of this service.
  • Real-time display manufacturers can license our hardware design and produce their own hub devices.
  • Our hub can be sold under our brand name through retail partners or we can re-brand the device.
  • Participate in energy consumption / behavior change research and community action projects.

These are examples of how we work with partners.

Energy retailers

Many energy retailers supply their customers with electricity monitors (RTDs) as part of their effort to comply with The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme designed to reduce households' CO2 emissions. energyhive connects to many of these RTDs (CurrentCost and efergy monitors). By publishing consumption data through a web browser, energyhive makes electricity consumption real and encourages reduction in consumption.

Real Time Display (RTD) Suppliers

The energyhive service connects to RTDs which have a data feed. Our system currently works with the CurrentCost Classic and Envi monitors and the efergy e2. If you would like to talk about integrating your equipment with energyhive, get in touch.

Community action groups

Across the world there are hundreds of local community groups running and supporting a range of activities designed to reduce their carbon footprint. What most of these projects lack is the ability to actually measure the change in consumption that results from their interventions. With energyhive communities can not only measure the change, but also create their own groups of members, and even 'compete' against other communities - competition helps motivate behaviour change. If you'd like to talk to us about how you could use energyhive in your community as part of your CO2 reduction efforts, get in touch.

Local authorities

Local Authorities are implementing a range of measures to meet the 20-20-20 targets. energyhive provides a cost effective solution optimised to meet the specific needs of social housing environments, to help people living in fuel poverty use energy as effectively as possible. Our parent company, Hildebrand, are currently working on implementing a major programme in the London borough of Camden to do this - early results show reductions of 20% in energy consumption in some households. We'd be happy to talk to you about what we offer.


We work with several leading academic institutions, including Oxford, Coventry and Cass, as we continue to engage with research projects to extend the base of our knowledge about energy consumption.


Our service is used by people across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and South Africa. If you are interested in launching energyhive in your country, contact us.

energyhive is a trading name of Hildebrand Technology Limited. Hildebrand Technology Limited is a company registered in England and Wales and its Company Number is 05577050